Citywalk News for October 2014

Be a Doer. . . Get Involved

Membership and participation is a continuous effort and it involves everyone to communicate to others the importance of the full involvement of businesses and citizens.
–David Pope, Ferguson Focus, May, 1989 

As was yesterday, is today! Being a part of something that is bigger than an in- dividual is the only way we can grow our community. It’s always been that way and will always be that way.

Brian Fletcher has spearheaded the “I ‘heart’ Ferguson” campaign in an ef- fort to show the metro area as well as the nation and world what Ferguson is all about. Fletcher and his group has helped our community come together to tell everyone why Ferguson is our ‘Community of Choice.’ If you don’t have your yard sign or T-shirt, you will find someone at the Corner Coffee House to help you. Together, we can show the world what it means to be a community.

There are others that have stepped up. Ferguson Proud is a Face Book group that has been supporting all of the businesses in Ferguson. They not only back the businesses that have seen horrible things happen to their business loca- tion, but also the ones that have lost revenue because their customers do not want to get caught up in the middle of the commotion.

We are all in this together. If our local businesses are not able to operate as usual, they lose revenue. If they lose revenue, the city loses revenue from the lack of tax dollars being generated. If the city doesn’t generate enough money from the businesses through their sales, our roads, parks and other infrastruc- ture are neglected. It is up to us as citizens to remind our neighbors and friends that our community needs them to continue on our journey to make the place we live, the place we raise our children, the best place that it can be.

Now is the time to get involved. We will bring Ferguson back to what it was! Let’s take the time, step up and make it happen.

Every third Thursday of the month is The Ferguson Special Business District board meeting. We meet at 5:30pm in the offices of Pearce Neikirk and Associ- ates located at 427 S. Florissant Road. Our next meeting is October 16 and all businesses in the downtown district are invited. All I am asking is that all busi- nesses join together and help put Ferguson in a positive spotlight!

Until next month, I’ll be walking ‘The Walk,’ taking the steps to move Ferguson forward! Would you like to join me?

Citywalk News for September 2014

Steady Rain doesn’t Dampen the Spirits of Ferguson Residents at Farmers Market.

Saturday, August 16, 2014; Even as a steady, soaking rain fell upon the farmer’s fields, saturating the earth and spreading its nutrients to the roots of their plants, fruits and vegetables, the camaraderie of the market patrons spread sunshine into the heart of Ferguson.

We now have an opportunity to spread the spirit of diversity throughout our community that PROUD (People Reaching Out for Unity and Diversity) started almost 10 years ago. Now is the time to support what our community has to offer.

I hope by now the media is gone and we have started the healing process to bring our community back to what we had before the commotion began. How can I get help in the healing process?

Get involved. Take the time to support your fellow business community. I know that nobody has a lot of time with all of your everyday activities of running your business, but all business owners have these same duties. Make the time. Schedule an appointment with your business neighbor. Get involved.

The Ferguson Special Business District is a group of your fellow business owners dedicated to promoting Ferguson as a community that has your best interests at heart. They work hard planning events that brings people to Ferguson who are not familiar with Ferguson.

Have you been to one of the concerts at the Plaza at 501? Are you planning on supporting Streetfest?

In last month’s ‘Ferguson Times,’ Mama Lisa, the author of Djeli Tales, asked the question as to why Ferguson didn’t have a list of the African-American business owners. Wouldn’t it be better if these business owners were to get involved so that everyone knows who they are as opposed to being on a list? Now is the time to get involved and bring Ferguson back to where it was before this commotion began. Let’s take this time, step up and make it happen.

Every third Thursday of the month is our board meeting. We meet at 5:30pm in the offices of Pearce Neikirk & Assc. office located at 427 S. Florissant Road. Our next meeting is September 18 and all businesses in the downtown district are invited. All I am asking is that all businesses join together and help put Ferguson in a positive spotlight!

Until next month, I’ll be walking ‘The Walk’, taking the steps to move Ferguson forward!

NOTE: Possible opportunity for one month billboard for CityWalk businesses. For more information call 314-524-5197 or email

Citywalk News for August 2014

We have been enjoying quite the wonderful summer this year. The weather has been unseasonably cool, and the breeze has been taking the edge off of the warmer days. Let’s take a walk on ‘The Walk.’

Have you noticed the community service project down by the railroad trestle? FYI, (Ferguson Youth Initiative), with the help of their mentors and chairperson of the Beautification Committee, Linda Hensiek, has whipped that area into something to behold. They had a new rail installed that matches the existing railings along Florissant Road, installed a trellis along the trestle wall, and planted flowers and shrubs in the area. More is planned for that little park, so keep your eyes on that corner and you’ll see these groups hard at work.

Another project that has been in the works for a long time is the installation of new trash cans on the west end of the Business District, along Airport Road. These receptacles are being installed at the bus stops in the hopes that the ridership takes advantage of their location. With everyone’s help, let’s keep this end of the district clean and free of trash. If you are walking along Airport Road and happen to see one of these cans, take advantage of them and toss in your trash.

And the bands play on. This month, you can expect a wide array of music from our entertainers at the Plaza at 501’s Concert Series. Pat Liston, a founding member of the 70’s group, Mama’s Pride will be gracing the stage on August 8th. You can expect some of the classics that his group made popular way back when, as well as his new songs that will be sure to send you home humming. Anita Rosemond and her band will be covering the standards that have been around for quite some time. If you have eaten at Vincenzo’s, and enjoyed the background music there, you’ll recognize the songs that Rosemond will bring to Ferguson. She will be performing on August 22nd. We’ll be looking for you at the concerts at the Plaza at 501 in August.

(This section reserved for the General Membership Businesses of the FSBD.) Every third Thursday of the month is our board meeting. We meet at 5:30pm in the offices of Maureen Zeugin whose Edward Jones office is located at 409 S. Florissant Rd. Our next meeting is August 21st and all businesses located in the Downtown District are invited. You will soon be seeing our quarterly Business Newsletter with news about what is going on in the Business District. Let us know what you like and if there is anything you would like to see in future editions. Now is the time to get involved. We hope to see you at our meetings and if there is anything that you would like to share with your fellow district businesses, let us know, we’d be happy to help you get the word out.

Until next month, we’re walking; that’s right, walking the walk, CityWalk.

Citywalk News for July 2014

Happy Independence Day and greetings from CityWalk! It seems like yesterday when I was talking to you about the con- certs are getting ready to start and that spring was just around the corner. And here we are heading straight into the Dog Days of Summer! Where does the time go?

The Concerts at the Plaza at 501 are in full swing. With the weather getting warmer, you will be able to stay cool while enjoying a jazzier line-up of musi- cians this month. On July 11th, the Coleman Hughes Project featuring Adri- anna Felton will be taking the stage offering up their version of cool. Everyone will want to dig out their Caribbean shirts on July 25th for the Tumbao Tropical, a Latin Jazz Band, whose rolling rhythms will get your feet a-tappin’ and your hips a-swayin’, while you enjoy that cool feeling from the winds wafting through the palms. Make sure you check your calendars and make it a date to welcome these groups to Ferguson. Now that’s Cool!

Have you walked down to Drakes Place yet? It’s located just south of the Plaza @ 501 in the old BBQ building, across from the Laundry Basket. They offer an American Cuisine with a lot of sandwiches, burgers and other quick plates that can be enjoyed for lunch as well as dinner. Councilman Tim Larson, Ward 1, said that he really enjoyed the steak he was served by Drake. My wife and I enjoyed a meal there a couple of weeks back and she raved about the grilled salmon and even though I’m not one to eat Italian anywhere but at home or at an Italian restaurant, the spaghetti and meatballs were, how do you say it? Magnifico! Race on down to Drakes Place; you’ll be glad you did.

Before I get to the business at hand, I want to wish everyone a Happy 4th and I hope to see you at the parade and the festival at J-W Park. The Fourth of July Committee has been working diligently to make sure that Ferguson has this festival every year. I would like to tell everybody on the committee that they are doing a great job and we really appreciate their hard work. Thank You!

(This section reserved for the General Membership Businesses of the FSBD.) Every third Thursday of the month is our board meeting. We meet at 5:30pm in the offices of Maureen Zuegin whose Edward Jones office is located at 409 S. Florissant Rd. Our next meeting is July 17th and all businesses located in the Downtown District are invited. We also sponsor business workshops through- out the year. Last month, there was a workshop on how to use Social Media to help grow your business. If you have always wondered about this subject, you missed a very informative workshop that opened my eyes as to how to use So- cial Media. We hope to see you at our meetings and future workshops so that all of our businesses will grow by giant strides.

Until next month, we’re walking; that’s right, walking the Walk, CityWalk. Happy Birthday America.

Citywalk News for June 2014

Did you see “In your Neighborhood” on Fox 2 News on May 2, 2014? If you missed it, you can see all of the segments on the website right here.

I’ve been doing a lot of walking and talking about CityWalk in this column. But do you even know what CityWalk is? Well, if you weren’t quite sure, fasten your seatbelts because you are in for some groundbreaking information and it is what I like to call, “What is CityWalk? And why are we always walking?”

CityWalk consists of ten blocks along Florissant Road, Church Street, and Airport Road. It is home to a wide array of restaurants, bakeries, gallery style specialty shops, entertainment and music venues, quality service companies and much, much more. You could just about find everything you would need to live a fulfilling life on CityWalk.

The Ferguson Special Business District (FSBD) is a board of nine business members whose businesses are located in the district. Their purpose is to promote the district and encourage the general membership (which is any business located in the boundaries of the downtown district) to get involved with other businesses to promote the common good of the CityWalk area. If your business is located in the CityWalk district, you should know who you are because you pay a special tax with your business license.

Yes, the FSBD is a self-taxing organization and with the help of the City, those monies are used to help promote CityWalk. All of the concerts at the Plaza at 501, the Farmers Market, Food Truck Mondays, the Carriage Rides, these are just a few of the activities that are sponsored by the FSBD. These events were created for YOU, your friends and neighbors from the City of Ferguson and your friends and family. There’s always something happening on CityWalk and you need to be here to see for yourself.

Did you know that CityWalk boasts the Ferguson Historical Museum? Everything you wanted to know about how our city became the community that we enjoy is in the museum. The old Train Depot houses the museum and while you’re soaking up all of the history the museum has to offer, you can enjoy a cone or sandwich, or one of the special treats that are offered at the Whistle Stop. You never know, a train may come rumbling down the tracks while you’re enjoying a frozen custard.

(This section has been reserved for the General Membership Businesses of the FSBD, you know who you are.)

Every third Thursday of the month is the FSBD board meeting. We meet at 5:30pm in the offices of Pearce Neikirk and Partners Realtors located at 427 S. Florissant Rd. Our next meeting is June 19th and all businesses located in CityWalk are invited. We will also be sponsoring business workshops in June that are designed to help you grow your business. You will receive an invitation in the mail, so don’t just think of it as a solicitation, think of it as an “invitation for growth.” We are all in this together, and together we can all promote CityWalk and watch the area where we chose to do business grow.

Until next month, you will see me walking; that’s right, I knew you were wondering when we were going to get to the walking part… See you on “The Walk,” CityWalk!

Citywalk on Fox 2 News!

On Friday May 2 Fox 2 New in the Morning came to Citywalk for their In Your Neighborhood Segment! We were happy to welcome Margie Ellisor, Kevin Steincross, Glenn Zimmerman and Tim Ezell to Ferguson. Thank you to all involved. We had a blast! Did you miss it?  Don’t worry, you can view it online. Be sure to watch all 18 short videos on Fox 2 News’ website HERE.

Citywalk News for May 2014

Spring has sprung on CityWalk and the festivities have begun.

Were you at the Plaza at 501 for the Food Truck event? It was awesome. There were five trucks stationed around 501 serving up their fare. A Slice of Italy, Steak Louie, Shell Coastal Cuisine, and Andrew’s Bayou Ribs and to finish off a wonderful meal from whichever truck you chose, Sarah’s Cake Shop. There was a large gathering of our neighbors as well as our area business neighbors. All of the Food Truck vendors were happy with the event, even with the threat of inclement weather. All in all, this event was a success, and with this success, you can count on more Food Truck events. I will tell you this, from here on, I brake for cupcakes.

Our first concert at the Plaza at 501 was Samba Boom. If the turnout for the concert was as successful as the food truck event, it was great. Just remember, we have a lot more concerts to come. Concerts that will be featured during the month of May include Einstein. Einstein is a group of musicians that have been traveling the musical circuit for many years. Classic rock, old school R&B and the Blues will be on the menu when Einstein takes the stage at the Plaza at 501 on May 9th. A local group that has been playing around Ferguson and the entire St. Louis area will grace the stage on May 23rd. Our own Chuck Henson will be leading the band from behind his congas holding the beat together while they perform in the genres of R&B, Classic Rock and Funk. If you like that old time rock and roll, these two groups’ performances won’t let you down.

More concerts this month will coincide with the event of events right here in Ferguson. That’s right; I’m talking about the Live Well Twilight 5K, 10K, and One Mile Fun Run. Every year, Live Well has exceeded their goal with the tremendous turn outs that they have received, and being the only organized twilight run in North County, I’m sure they will do it again. You have probably been seeing a lot of people running on the streets, training to get their shoes prepared to run another 3.1 or 6.2 or even one mile. This is the premier Event in Ferguson, even if you’re not a runner. Mark your calendar and come on down to the Plaza at 501 on May 17th and join in on the festivities. You know I’ll be walking down The Walk, CityWalk, to run the 5K.

You’re thinking . . . did this columnist forget to tell us who the entertainment might be for this great event! Of course not! I was just whetting your appetite. The pre-run entertainment will be Palm Duo, featuring the island sounds that can only be produced by Steel Drums. You can count on those steel drums to put a little more spring in your shoes before the beginning of the run. Then for the main event, everyone’s favorite entertainer, Javier Mendozza, will be burning up the stage during the evening, after the run. May 17th at The Plaza at 501.

There are lots of things happening on The Walk, and you don’t want to be left out. So, lace up your walking shoes, and walk on down. We’ll be looking for you.

Right in the Middle of it All…


Citywalk Waterfall

Ferguson Citywalk is a haven for creative, independent businesses and it boasts ten blocks of delicious restaurants, convenient services, and diverse and interesting historic architecture. We’re just north of ordinary and never boring! Get ready for your visit by taking a virtual tour of Ferguson Citywalk right here with our online business listings and maps.

You’ll find us Just North of Ordinary and right in the middle of fun.  Click here for directions and come on over to Citywalk today!

Citywalk News for April 2014

It’s April and during the many walks around town, I’ve seen a lot of new growth. The trees are budding, flowers are popping their heads to the surface and the birds are singing. Even while walking the Walk, CityWalk, you’ll see lots of growth along the Downtown District.

This month I would like to introduce you to the new businesses that are going to be residing along the CityWalk corridor as well as some business opportunities–if you are looking to stretch your entrepreneurial wings.

Rodney D. Young will be opening an office at 193 N. Florissant Rd., right here on CityWalk.  Young, a pioneer of alternative auto coverage, has been in business since 1952 offering auto insurance with annual, semiannual and monthly packages that anyone can afford.  You will be able to contact them at 314-521-0466.

As we walk along the Walk, you will notice that the windows have been covered up at 27 S. Florissant Rd. (where the Northern Arts Councils Gallery was located).  BKM Fitness will be joining our community helping us develop those good habits that will help everyone LiveWell.

Briant K. Mitchell, BKM’s owner, whose previous location was at Jamestown Mall, is dedicated to help you design and achieve realistic goals in weight loss an better health.  Mitchell explains, “The cardio is plentiful along with nutrition counseling and weight training; a combination of the three will make your body do things you never thought were possible.”  Keep your eyes open for the Grand Opening of BKM Fitness.

Bywater Development Group, led by Ferguson’s own Aaron Burnett, is opening their offices at #8 Church St.. They help communities plan uses for existing buildings through real estate development and consulting services. Talking with Burnett, he explained that they were working with the City of Louisville, KY on an old school building that was built in the early 20th Century.  They are helping to develop the building so that it could be repurposed into affordable housing for the workforce and/or the senior population in that community.  Keep up the good work; we can’t rebuild the buildings of yesterday.

As we continue walking the Walk, we’ve been watching the building at 415 S. Florissant Rd grow from one to two stories.  Now that the final touches have been added, it’s time to put this beautiful building to work for the community.

The Live Work Play Lofts (LWP Lofts) have been available for a few weeks and are preparing for occupation; the first floor is ready for a business opportunity.  Stop by and look in the windows and let your mind’s eye see the possibilities of your new business venture.  If you see Mike Palmer there, I’m sure he would be happy to help you open up the business of your dreams.

There you have it.  There’s a lot of growth on the Walk.  Welcome these new businesses to town and let’s show them that Ferguson is a place where everyone will want to do business.  Don’t forget, April is the beginning of the Concert Series at the Plaza at 501 and the premier of Food Truck Monday is April 21st.  Check out our event calendar for the dates of these events.

Ill be seeing you on the Walk… that’s right, Ferguson Citywalk!


Just North of Ordinary…


Florissant Road

The Ferguson Citywalk district in historic Downtown Ferguson has been a lively hub of commercial activity for more than a century. Situated on ten pedestrian-friendly blocks along Florissant Rd, Airport Rd and Church St, the district is home to a wide array of restaurants, specialty shops, art & music venues, interesting attractions, and quality service businesses.

Throughout the year, Citywalk hosts some of the best concerts, community festivals, and fine art events in all of St. Louis, including the annual Fourth of July Parade, concerts series from April to October, Northern Lights Celebration, and StreetFest, a two-day gala that draws thousands of music lovers and fun-seekers to Ferguson each September.

Citywalk is also home to the award-winning Ferguson Farmers Market, which is perennially considered one of the best markets in the entire St. Louis region.


110 Church Street
Ferguson, MO 63135
(314) 524-5197



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