Ferguson offers a Plethora of Events in September!

Your Ferguson is the place to be in September!

In addition to back to school, this month Ferguson has: The Taste in Ferguson, the Biggest Yard Sale in History, Ferguson Farmers Market, the Ferguson Street fest, Cruise for First Responders, Ward 3 Steam/Creek clean-up, and the 17th annual BTC Golf Tournament!

I think we have everything happening here in your Ferguson. So come on out, enjoy your Ferguson, volunteer for your Ferguson. Don’t forget to patronize your local Ferguson businesses.


The 13th Annual Ferguson Twilight Run was “Excellent, Awesome, Terrific”

The one-mile, 5K, 10K, 10-mile, and inaugural FTR 13.1 races started and finished at the Plaza at 501. Individuals, families, friends, and teams gathered to enjoy the annual event that benefits local non-profits that provide healthy and active programs for North County residents. Even with the weather being hot, participants commented positively. “It was really just so much fun!,” said one race finisher in their survey feedback. Another commented that they “loved the crowd support from the neighborhoods and the route was interesting and fun.”

As in previous years (pre-pandemic), the festivities concluded with a live concert. This year, Top of the World Band, provided the energizing sounds as finishers, volunteers, and attendees celebrated. One attendee commented that “the band was very good. Love having that to listen to after that long run.”

More than 900 registered for the 2022 Ferguson Twilight Run including more than 100 individuals from 20 different states participating virtually; running at their home location and sharing their experience on social media. This year’s beneficiaries were Emerson YMCA, St. Vincent Home for Children, Girls on the Run, and A Red Circle. The profits from the race are equally distributed. Each organization received $2500 for their program. Peak Performance and Presenting Sponsors for this year’s race included Emerson, Negwer Materials, Christian Hospital BJC Healthcare, City of Ferguson and Big River Running. The planning committee thanks the City of Ferguson staff, all of the volunteers, sponsors, and especially the residents for supporting the event.

The 2023 Ferguson Twilight Run is scheduled for May 20, 2023. The committee wishes to hear the thoughts, comments, and suggestions from residents, business owners and other stakeholders as they evaluate the success, impact and future of the event. Visit to take the short survey.

It’s Your Turn

By Rev. Larry Brown

Often, we choose not to step in or “act” because we feel that it is not our place, not our time, or not our issue with which to become involved. We are content to let someone else, who we predetermine is more appropriate for the situation, to become the channel for solving the problem or remedying the situation. (Sometimes, that person never materializes and therefore the issue continues)

Unless the particular situation involves us directly, we very often choose not to engage! This is either for convenience’ s sake, time involvement’s sake, or we decide that it is not our issue. Until we become directly affected, we choose to remain aloof.

I wish to ask you this age – old question: If not you, then who?

We live in an age where we become affected often, by the actions of others. We are affected sometimes physically, and many times emotionally; or other’s actions or words affect our thoughts and decisions. We, therefore, should assume some responsibility for making sure that the correct and right things are seen and done because we cannot isolate ourselves and those who we hold dear, from the actions of others. We, in fact, owe it to ourselves and our posterity. ‘ No man is an island, no man stands alone “ When we see that those responsible for handling a situation are not performing effectively or can’t manage the situation appropriately, then we should offer our assistance or to put it bluntly, become involved.

This is the only way that “ right” things can prevail and wrong things can fail! Inaction is not a solution that is desirable in a wrong situation. Often, if we decide to take a positive step, others will join us because they wish to see the right thing prevail for the overall good of everyone. Today, we see an alarming increase in the number of shootings and killings in our neighborhoods. People are afraid to leave their homes and often homes become the victims of random gunshots intended elsewhere. This affects adults and children alike. It is a shame for senior citizens to have to live this way, after all that they have endured in life. Young people should not have the idea that they will die early. People should not be afraid to go to the store or to church!

We believe that “ As a person thinks, is the way that person will act”. One of the first things we must do is to return Respect for Human Life!

Sometimes, people are reluctant to become involved because they don’t feel comfortable or think that their intentions may be misunderstood, or that they may be exposing themselves to some form of danger. A way to comfortably become involved is to support organizations that are addressing the problem. You are invited to visit our website at or give us a call at 314-995-5013.

13 Years! Ferguson Twilight Run

For 13 years, Ferguson Twilight Run has welcomed runners and walkers, family and friends, neighbors, visitors and so many more to enjoy a run for everyone. The annual event is Saturday, May 14 and features one-mile, 5K (3.1 miles), 10K (6.2 miles) and 10-mile distances.

A new race – FTR 13.1 – will offer participants a half-marathon distance by pairing the 5K with the 10-mile. Runners will do the 5K route first, then set off on the 10-mile course.

“We’re thrilled to come back with the full Ferguson Twilight Run experience! There’s a special energy that comes with the runners, walkers, volunteers, and neighbors who join us for the race each year, and we’re thrilled to experience that energy for the 13th year,” said Dwayne T. James, race director.

Race Start and Finish

Ferguson Twilight Run will start and finish at Plaza at 501, at the intersection of Florissant Road and Suburban Avenue.

The one-mile starts at 4 p.m.; the 5K and FTR 13.1 distances start at 4:45 p.m. The 10K and 10-mile distances start at 5:15 p.m. Routes are USATF-certified by Big River Running Company.

Free Concert

The free post-race concert returns with high-energy party dance band Top of the World. The concert starts at 7 p.m. at Plaza at 501.

Virtual Participation

All distances are offered virtually with unlimited participation; virtual races can be completed on your own schedule during race week, May 9-15, 2022.

A Run for Everyone

Ferguson Twilight Run debuted in May 2010 as the first evening race in North St. Louis County. Since the beginning, the run encourages a sense of community while supporting a common interest. Proceeds are donated to nonprofits in north St. Louis County that promote the healthy and sustainable benefits of fitness. To date, more than $100,000 has been given to community organizations through the Donnie White Sr. Memorial Beneficiary Award. The 2022 recipients are A Red Circle, Emerson Family YMCA, Girls on the Run St. Louis Ferguson-Florissant School District, and St. Vincent Home for Children.

Volunteers and Sponsors

Ferguson Twilight Run relies on countless community volunteers to plan and coordinate every aspect of the event – from the planning committee to cheer stations, water stations and road closures, start and finish area, packet pick up, informing neighborhood residents and more – to make it a success.

Ferguson Twilight Run will follow the health and safety guidelines recommended by public health and local government officials. If any changes are necessary, details will be posted online.


Dwayne T. James, 314-325-2197
Nez Savala, 816-678-9071

Wabash Neighborhood Community Garden Plots Available

By Jennifer Krupp

Never having gardened before, it was a new experience to rent a plot in a community garden. I liked the idea of growing my own food knowing there wasn’t any pesticides on it. Growing things I would eat like cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce, and strawberries has proven – well, fruitful.

Community gardens are a great place to garden for experienced and beginner gardeners. It is an excellent way to meet neighbors, share gardening tips, and have fun in the process.

The Wabash Neighborhood Community Garden is located on the corner of Dade and Abston in Ferguson. Plots are currently available. Each plot is 4×8’ and just $15 for the year. There is also a community plot that all the gardeners take care of and anyone in the community can enjoy. Along the fence are raspberry and blackberry bushes also for your pleasure.

As a group, the Wabash gardeners gather once or twice a month to help with general tasks such as weeding the community plot and spreading mulch. Anyone can come and help! You don’t need a plot to jump in.

If you want to rent a plot, volunteer, or have any questions, please contact Shonnette at

So – Who’s ready to be called “gardener”?

Lion or Lamb?

“After the Storm” photo by Jeanette McDermott

Most of the holidays I enjoy are the ones that include specialty foods. This March has two of my favorite holidays: Mardi Gras with great Jambalaya & St. Patrick’s Day with green beer & corned beef and cabbage – we are all Irish for a day. No matter where I have lived throughout my life, I MUST have corned beef and cabbage on this day. Here is a little “magic” trick: before pouring a beer, place a drop of green food dye in the bottom of a glass so it turns green as it is poured. Okay, not really a trick but it looks cool and will amaze the little ones.

March is a month of cold wind, snow, rain, sleet, hail, and tornadoes, and not necessarily in that order. It also signals the beginning of trout season which can either be freezing rain, snow, or warm enough to be in shirt sleeves. In just a few weeks spring will arrive and the warm weather will follow.

As I write this, we have just received our second snow fall – this one with a lot of ice under the minor accumulation. It looks like we are to get another round this week which makes me wonder if March will come in like a Lion or a Lamb.

Stay warm, stay safe… and kids, don’t be getting in bad.

Papa Deau

Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

As I write this, the temperature is 7 degrees but sunny. I love winter.

My grandson asked me yesterday what my favorite season is. I told him spring because everything seems to be coming alive again. But I love all the seasons here in Missouri. That is one of the reasons I love Missouri: it has all the seasons. Winter is pretty much in full swing in February which gives us a good reason to snuggle with our love ones while we enjoy a warm fire, movies, and hot chocolate.

Groundhog day, although not a holiday we get off for, gives us hope that winter will soon be over and we will be dreaming of warmer weather, longer days, and a chance to shed our extra layers of clothes. But I absolutely love February because it has Valentines day and after this short month: trout season opens.

February also gives us the cold weather that attracts the eagles along our great river-ways which is a good reason to get outside and enjoy the beauty of our world.

I pray you all have a wonderful February. Stay safe, stay warm, and stay connected with your family and loved ones.

Papa Deau

Happy New Year from The Morning Crew

I’ve been a proud resident of Ferguson since 1996 when I bought my house where I raised both my boys, Justin and Jesse. I worked outside my home sometimes seven days a week so there wasn’t a whole lot of time to explore or meet people in my community other than when attending parades, playing in the parks, and things like that. Fast-forward to 2020. My kids are now grown, married, and on their own. I’m now self-employed, and my mom, Jean, is now sharing my home. Just like most everyone, 2020 had an adverse effect on my business and I was shut down and looking for ways to cope. In September of 2020 I began walking around our area parks to fill a new void in my life and mend my mind. As the weather began to turn cold, I started thinking about other options where I could continue my new routine of walking, but not get frostbite. I decided to go check out the Ferguson Recreation Center and I’ve never looked back. I was given a tour and I registered on the spot for a one-year membership. Excited, I started going to the gym the very next morning and that’s where I met so many wonderful, caring people. The first was Willie who I started calling “Gunsmoke” because he always walked on the treadmill, watching that show. We became workout buddies, and he taught me a lot about the machines and how to use them. He doesn’t come here anymore, and I miss seeing him, but I’ve met lots of other great people along the way.

Shortly after I joined, I decided to get a membership for my mom, Jean Conner, as well to keep her active as she’s in her seventies and doesn’t go out much. Her favorite thing to do is walk on the treadmill, now that she knows not to accidentally hit the 12 mph hour button and take off like a rocket! Thankfully, she was able to get the machine slowed down and live to talk about how Joe and I tried to race to her rescue! Join the gym and she’ll tell you all about that experience! Jean is the proud mom of three, grandma of five, and great-grandma of six. She didn’t think she’d like going to exercise every morning with me, but once she started making friends and learning how to use the equipment, she too was hooked. Recent heart issues and being under a doctor’s care has kept her away since November, but everyone asks me about her daily, and I exchange messages back and forth that keep my mom’s spirits high. For people that only see each other for an hour or so each morning, we are kind of a tight-knit little group of friends.

About two months after my mom and I joined, during one of our morning workouts I noticed an employee bringing someone into the fitness center for a tour. After they left, I said, “Hey mom, I think that was Joe Lonero!”. I’d known and seen Joe off and on for many years, even before I’d ever moved to Ferguson. He used to stop for coffee every morning at a gas station where I worked a long, long time ago. Joe started going to the gym to get stronger. He likes to start out on the elliptical and work his way through the labyrinth of machines. He brings encouragement to all of us, rooting everyone on as we sometimes struggle to reach our personal goals. He knows a lot about fitness and is quick to help anyone in need. Most days you can hear him saying “Alright, good, good!” And my personal favorite, “Piece of cake!” after he astounds me by his strength.

Bobbie, the woman I dubbed “Powerhouse”, has made the gym her early morning destination for the past three years. Prior to that, she used to walk outside which she found solitary and didn’t care for the inclement weather. She enjoys her time here not only for the exercise but for the friendly welcoming atmosphere. For her, it’s a place where friendships evolve, and the dedicated early morning regulars always greet each other with upbeat talk and laughter before beginning their morning workouts. Bobbie is glad she discovered what she considers to be one of Ferguson’s treasures.

Madelyn Jamerson started coming to the gym in July of 2015 after she had a stroke. This is where she met her friend Michael. Madelyn has made a lot of friends during the years she’s been coming here, including Raymond Valley and Joanne Schneider. She has two children and two grandchildren. Madelyn keeps coming back to stay fit and healthy and she enjoys the company and sense of community while she works out. Madelyn likes to do a variety of activities here, but her favorite is the stationary spin bike.

Lu Mullen started coming to the gym in August of 2015 through the encouragement of her friend, Madelyn whom she’s known since 2003. Lu moved here from The Philippines thirty-seven years ago and has two daughters and five grandchildren. She comes here because of the people and to exercise and stay fit. Lu enjoys walking on the treadmill, riding the stationary bike, and a variety of other activities. She says it’s nice to have this community. It brings us together and promotes bonding and close friendships. When I asked Michael how long he’s been coming here, he laughed and said, “Too long not to be in shape”! He started coming to the gym seven years ago when he decided he needed to get in shape and since he lives in Ferguson it was close and convenient. He enjoys walking on the treadmill and using the ab machine. I asked him what he gets out of coming to the gym every morning, he told me it’s fun engaging in conversations with the people. He’s proud to say he’s lost some weight, “lose a pound and gain back three” he laughs again. Michael is the proud father of one son, grandfather of three, and great grandfather of three.

Ken Hogshead has been running seriously for forty plus years. My conversation with Ken is a story all its own. His accomplishments and experiences are awesome to say the least. He began running to be able to enter the first McDonnell-Douglas “Run For Fun” that was started by Sandy McDonnell in which participants had to run/and or walk a 10k in ninety minutes. He had such a great experience, he was hooked. He soon joined the St. Louis Track Club and Gateway Athletics to learn more about upcoming events and to improve his training. Ken tries to run every day and does most of his running on the fitness center’s treadmills. He understands that aging has slowed his pace over the years. I am in awe when I watch him run so I can only imagine how fast he was in his prime. Ken said he must accept the facts, but he also accepts the reality that continuing to run and train will allow him to be more active and to enjoy a fuller, healthier life than being sedentary. He is also an avid hiker and I hope to be able to share more of his fascinating story with our readers in another edition.

Ken’s wife Leslie started coming to the gym about a year ago. She used to walk outside, but once she came with her husband and walked on the treadmill for the first time, she decided she liked it better. When asked what keeps her coming back every day she said, “The Group.” She likes that everyone here cares, wonders where you are, and how we tease each other when we show up late. Leslie was out for a while due illness, and she said during that time, she still felt motivated to get back to her gym family because daily Ken would relay to her all our well-wishes, prayers, and asking about her and when was she coming back. She just can’t say enough about the power of community and encouragement we all give to each other. Leslie said some of her highlights about coming here are “Joe is our focal point and cheerleader. Michael always shares a good thought or scripture each morning. Jean is everyone’s cheerleader and keeps us all going, and we miss seeing her every day.” And Leslie surprised me with some fantastic news…she and Ken are expecting their first grandchild due December 25, 2021!

Charles Bolden started coming to the gym in October 2020 because he wants to stay physically fit and improve his mobility and balance. He likes using the free weights and kettle bells. He comes to work out most every morning because he wants to stick to his routine. He has a target goal to lose twenty pounds and he’s already lost eight although he laughed and said “the caveat to that is it went back up, but it’s coming back down again. It’s a battle at sixty-five!”. Oh, we can all relate to that, can’t we?! Charles is proud of his three kids (two girls and a boy) and his four grandchildren. He works hard while at the gym and tends to stay mostly to himself once he arrives and says his good mornings to everyone, but his smile and presence brightens everyone’s day.

April of 2019 is when Theresa started coming to the gym right after she retired. She said she’s always been pretty active and if the weather was bad, she could still use the treadmill and be safe. Theresa prefers the stationary bike because it’s easier on her knees. In fact, she just had a total knee replacement in October and she’s already back and working out like nothing ever happened! She said that going to the gym has helped her lose eighty pounds and keep it off. She also likes to use the free weights and ab machine. Her goals in life are pretty straight forward; to be happy with who she is and enjoy life. She finds the rec center a very expensive, fun way to meet people and live a healthy lifestyle.

Kate Church is our newest morning crew member. She loves comfort food but says “Let’s face it, gaining weight is the other side of that double-edged sword.” Kate recently rediscovered the fitness center and says it’s been a great experience making new friends.” She appreciates the encouragement she receives from the group, but quips “I’m not saying it’s as great as comfort food, but it’s better for me.”

Many of the morning crew come to the gym daily, however we have one that only comes in once every two weeks because that’s all his busy schedule will allow. Martin started coming here about three years ago but then life got in the way. He just started coming back again five months ago. Martin says the gym has great equipment and he also enjoys the great company. The elliptical is his favorite machine but he also likes to do other activities throughout. Martin says he keeps coming back to stay fit.

The Morning Crew – treadmill group

Sharing our story was Leslie’s idea and I’m so glad she brought this to me. To some, the Ferguson Recreation Center is just another building in our city, but for us it’s been so much more than that. It’s a place where you are warmly greeted each morning with a smile by the friendly staff at the desk. The morning staff usually includes George Ulmer, Zaria Carson, Lean Harold, Kathy Schmermund, Maureen Pfeifer, and sometimes we even get to see Jordan Kuechenmeister, Dave Musgrave, and Cindy Eskew. And most every morning you will find Marvin maintaining the building, making the floors shine, keeping everything clean and safe.

So often, at the end of a year, we tend to reflect on our lives and habits and strive to make resolutions of self-improvement for the new year. If you are considering getting into shape, reaching a certain fitness or weight goal, or just looking for a fun place to meet new people, the morning crew would like to encourage you to give the Ferguson Recreation Center’s Fitness Center a try!

Citywalk News for August

Have you ever wondered what is meant by the dog days of summer? For many, the “dog days,” are those summer days that are so devastatingly hot that even dogs would lie around panting. But originally, the phrase had nothing to do with dogs, or those hot lazy days of summer. Instead, the dog days is actually a reference to the fact that, during this time, the Sun occupies the same region of the sky as Sirius, the brightest star visible from any part of Earth and part of the constellation Canis Major, the Greater Dog. This is why Sirius is sometimes called the Dog Star.

In the summer, Sirius rises and sets with the Sun. On July 23rd, specifically, it is in conjunction with the Sun, and because the star is so bright, the ancient Romans believed it actually gave off heat and added to the Sun’s warmth, accounting for the long stretch of sultry weather. They referred to this time as diēs caniculārēs, or “dog days.”

Thus, the term Dog Days of Summer came to mean the 20 days before and 20 days after this alignment of Sirius with the Sun—July 3 to August 11 each year.

Summer Heat: It’s All About The Tilt

While this period usually is the hottest stretch of summer, the heat is not due to any added radiation from Sirius, regardless of its brightness. The heat of summer is simply a direct result of the Earth’s tilt.

During summer in the Northern Hemisphere, the tilt of the Earth causes the Sun’s rays to hit at a more direct angle, and for a longer period of time throughout the day. This means longer, hotter days.

Personally, I just try to stay cool and hydrate. But, as I think back, the only times I was bitten by dogs (plural) was during those dog days of summer.


Old-timers believed that rainfall on the Dog Days was a bad omen, as foretold in this verse:

Dog Days bright and clear
Indicate a happy year;
But when accompanied by rain,
For better times, our hopes are vain.

“Dog Days are approaching; you must, therefore, make both hay and haste while the Sun shines, for when old Sirius takes command of the weather, he is such an unsteady, crazy dog, there is no dependence upon him.”
–The Old Farmer’s Almanac, 1817

Keep cool and keep those dogs cool. Make sure your dogs have plenty of water and a shady place to lay down.

Citywalk News for July 2021

4th of July. America’s Birthday. Our Independence Day.

I don’t know about you, but to me the 4th has always been the culmination of celebrations. Personally, I love the fireworks. I just don’t enjoy them every night, all night.

So where are the best firework displays? Growing up in this area, I will say that January-Wabash was always awesome. Florissant also puts on a great display. When we were younger we would drive over to the Rock Road and watch the fireworks at Ritenour High School.

The 4th always invokes images of parades, swimming pools, bar-b-ques, pitching horse shoes, chasing fireflies, water balloon fights, running through sprinklers, smelling those bar-b-ques, making necklaces out of clover, brewing sun tea, getting sun-burned, over eating, and watching fireworks.

I was fortunate that my father had his office at the Mansion House Center. That was when the arch was being built. During that time St. Louis held the VP parade and fair with fireworks down on the riverfront. We could watch the fireworks from the top of the Mansion House. (Did I mention there was a swimming pool on the roof?) Leap forward 50 plus years: the veiled prophet parade and fair transitioned into fair St. Louis, the archgrounds have changed, but the fireworks are still absolutely the best in the nation.

I pray that everyone stays safe this year. Please, do not shoot off guns. Those bullets go up and they have to come down somewhere. Think!


110 Church Street
Ferguson, MO 63135
(314) 524-5197



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