Lion or Lamb?

“After the Storm” photo by Jeanette McDermott

Most of the holidays I enjoy are the ones that include specialty foods. This March has two of my favorite holidays: Mardi Gras with great Jambalaya & St. Patrick’s Day with green beer & corned beef and cabbage – we are all Irish for a day. No matter where I have lived throughout my life, I MUST have corned beef and cabbage on this day. Here is a little “magic” trick: before pouring a beer, place a drop of green food dye in the bottom of a glass so it turns green as it is poured. Okay, not really a trick but it looks cool and will amaze the little ones.

March is a month of cold wind, snow, rain, sleet, hail, and tornadoes, and not necessarily in that order. It also signals the beginning of trout season which can either be freezing rain, snow, or warm enough to be in shirt sleeves. In just a few weeks spring will arrive and the warm weather will follow.

As I write this, we have just received our second snow fall – this one with a lot of ice under the minor accumulation. It looks like we are to get another round this week which makes me wonder if March will come in like a Lion or a Lamb.

Stay warm, stay safe… and kids, don’t be getting in bad.

Papa Deau


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