It’s Your Turn

By Rev. Larry Brown

Often, we choose not to step in or “act” because we feel that it is not our place, not our time, or not our issue with which to become involved. We are content to let someone else, who we predetermine is more appropriate for the situation, to become the channel for solving the problem or remedying the situation. (Sometimes, that person never materializes and therefore the issue continues)

Unless the particular situation involves us directly, we very often choose not to engage! This is either for convenience’ s sake, time involvement’s sake, or we decide that it is not our issue. Until we become directly affected, we choose to remain aloof.

I wish to ask you this age – old question: If not you, then who?

We live in an age where we become affected often, by the actions of others. We are affected sometimes physically, and many times emotionally; or other’s actions or words affect our thoughts and decisions. We, therefore, should assume some responsibility for making sure that the correct and right things are seen and done because we cannot isolate ourselves and those who we hold dear, from the actions of others. We, in fact, owe it to ourselves and our posterity. ‘ No man is an island, no man stands alone “ When we see that those responsible for handling a situation are not performing effectively or can’t manage the situation appropriately, then we should offer our assistance or to put it bluntly, become involved.

This is the only way that “ right” things can prevail and wrong things can fail! Inaction is not a solution that is desirable in a wrong situation. Often, if we decide to take a positive step, others will join us because they wish to see the right thing prevail for the overall good of everyone. Today, we see an alarming increase in the number of shootings and killings in our neighborhoods. People are afraid to leave their homes and often homes become the victims of random gunshots intended elsewhere. This affects adults and children alike. It is a shame for senior citizens to have to live this way, after all that they have endured in life. Young people should not have the idea that they will die early. People should not be afraid to go to the store or to church!

We believe that “ As a person thinks, is the way that person will act”. One of the first things we must do is to return Respect for Human Life!

Sometimes, people are reluctant to become involved because they don’t feel comfortable or think that their intentions may be misunderstood, or that they may be exposing themselves to some form of danger. A way to comfortably become involved is to support organizations that are addressing the problem. You are invited to visit our website at or give us a call at 314-995-5013.


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