Citywalk News for September 2014

Steady Rain doesn’t Dampen the Spirits of Ferguson Residents at Farmers Market.

Saturday, August 16, 2014; Even as a steady, soaking rain fell upon the farmer’s fields, saturating the earth and spreading its nutrients to the roots of their plants, fruits and vegetables, the camaraderie of the market patrons spread sunshine into the heart of Ferguson.

We now have an opportunity to spread the spirit of diversity throughout our community that PROUD (People Reaching Out for Unity and Diversity) started almost 10 years ago. Now is the time to support what our community has to offer.

I hope by now the media is gone and we have started the healing process to bring our community back to what we had before the commotion began. How can I get help in the healing process?

Get involved. Take the time to support your fellow business community. I know that nobody has a lot of time with all of your everyday activities of running your business, but all business owners have these same duties. Make the time. Schedule an appointment with your business neighbor. Get involved.

The Ferguson Special Business District is a group of your fellow business owners dedicated to promoting Ferguson as a community that has your best interests at heart. They work hard planning events that brings people to Ferguson who are not familiar with Ferguson.

Have you been to one of the concerts at the Plaza at 501? Are you planning on supporting Streetfest?

In last month’s ‘Ferguson Times,’ Mama Lisa, the author of Djeli Tales, asked the question as to why Ferguson didn’t have a list of the African-American business owners. Wouldn’t it be better if these business owners were to get involved so that everyone knows who they are as opposed to being on a list? Now is the time to get involved and bring Ferguson back to where it was before this commotion began. Let’s take this time, step up and make it happen.

Every third Thursday of the month is our board meeting. We meet at 5:30pm in the offices of Pearce Neikirk & Assc. office located at 427 S. Florissant Road. Our next meeting is September 18 and all businesses in the downtown district are invited. All I am asking is that all businesses join together and help put Ferguson in a positive spotlight!

Until next month, I’ll be walking ‘The Walk’, taking the steps to move Ferguson forward!

NOTE: Possible opportunity for one month billboard for CityWalk businesses. For more information call 314-524-5197 or email


110 Church Street
Ferguson, MO 63135
(314) 524-5197



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