Citywalk News for June 2014

Did you see “In your Neighborhood” on Fox 2 News on May 2, 2014? If you missed it, you can see all of the segments on the website right here.

I’ve been doing a lot of walking and talking about CityWalk in this column. But do you even know what CityWalk is? Well, if you weren’t quite sure, fasten your seatbelts because you are in for some groundbreaking information and it is what I like to call, “What is CityWalk? And why are we always walking?”

CityWalk consists of ten blocks along Florissant Road, Church Street, and Airport Road. It is home to a wide array of restaurants, bakeries, gallery style specialty shops, entertainment and music venues, quality service companies and much, much more. You could just about find everything you would need to live a fulfilling life on CityWalk.

The Ferguson Special Business District (FSBD) is a board of nine business members whose businesses are located in the district. Their purpose is to promote the district and encourage the general membership (which is any business located in the boundaries of the downtown district) to get involved with other businesses to promote the common good of the CityWalk area. If your business is located in the CityWalk district, you should know who you are because you pay a special tax with your business license.

Yes, the FSBD is a self-taxing organization and with the help of the City, those monies are used to help promote CityWalk. All of the concerts at the Plaza at 501, the Farmers Market, Food Truck Mondays, the Carriage Rides, these are just a few of the activities that are sponsored by the FSBD. These events were created for YOU, your friends and neighbors from the City of Ferguson and your friends and family. There’s always something happening on CityWalk and you need to be here to see for yourself.

Did you know that CityWalk boasts the Ferguson Historical Museum? Everything you wanted to know about how our city became the community that we enjoy is in the museum. The old Train Depot houses the museum and while you’re soaking up all of the history the museum has to offer, you can enjoy a cone or sandwich, or one of the special treats that are offered at the Whistle Stop. You never know, a train may come rumbling down the tracks while you’re enjoying a frozen custard.

(This section has been reserved for the General Membership Businesses of the FSBD, you know who you are.)

Every third Thursday of the month is the FSBD board meeting. We meet at 5:30pm in the offices of Pearce Neikirk and Partners Realtors located at 427 S. Florissant Rd. Our next meeting is June 19th and all businesses located in CityWalk are invited. We will also be sponsoring business workshops in June that are designed to help you grow your business. You will receive an invitation in the mail, so don’t just think of it as a solicitation, think of it as an “invitation for growth.” We are all in this together, and together we can all promote CityWalk and watch the area where we chose to do business grow.

Until next month, you will see me walking; that’s right, I knew you were wondering when we were going to get to the walking part… See you on “The Walk,” CityWalk!


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