Citywalk News for October

While researching ideas on transforming downtown districts, I stumbled upon “12 strategies that will transform your downtown” and I was struck by #6: “The most successful downtown districts have many major functions (employment, residential, entertainment, shopping, etc.). A key ingredient for creating a diverse downtown district is to have major destinations that draw people to downtown for reasons other than employment. Many cities have pursued professional sports teams for this reason, but this approach only yields intermittent  benefits, because major league stadiums/arenas lie vacant much of the year.” I instantly thought of Plaza at 501; we are working so hard to make this space the most beautiful, inviting space in the downtown area! Have you been by the plaza in the last few days? We have already started on the pavers and coming soon, the community garden beds!

If you keep reading the “12 Strategies’ article, #10 talks about the importance of private investment. Until people are willing to invest their time, their money, their energy . . . no area will be transformed. If you visit downtown you will see an incredible amount of private  investment, from Baked to the yoga studio; developers and business owners are investing blood, sweat and tears to make downtown Ferguson successful. According to the article, “Downtowns that offer a new, exciting district provide residents with a reason to check out what is going on in the center of their community.” A major upside of this strategy is that it can help to turn around the perceptions and reality of downtowns that have are not vibrant. Perhaps the best example of this strategy is Oklahoma City’s Bricktown, a large mixed-use entertainment district that has transformed OKC’s one-time “dead-after-5pm” downtown into what is now hailed as a 24/7 attraction. Bricktown, which makes up the eastern section of downtown OKC, was filled with abandoned buildings as recently as the 1990s. Today, thanks to major infusions of public and private investments, the district is home to dozens of restaurants and bars, thousands of hotel rooms, and a growing number of residences.” We may not have thousands of hotel rooms, but we already have a vibrant downtown, with more to come!

Ferguson City Walk would like to welcome its newest member, Exclusive Fashion Bar, 800 S. Florissant Rd.

Upcoming Events:

  • Ferguson Farmers Market, Saturday’s through Oct. 20th, 8-12 @ Plaza 501.
  • Ferguson Northern Lights, Nov. 25th @ Plaza 501, 5-9pm.
  • Christmas Caroling Pub Crawl, Dec. 8, Various Downtown Businesses, 6-9pm.

CityWalk business owners have a standing invitation to attend meetings of the Ferguson Special Business District Advisory Board, which meets the 2rd Thursday of the month from 5:30-7:30 p.m. FSBD meets at Bakes Wood-Fire Pizza, 235 S. Florissant Rd. For more information, please contact Robin Shively at 314-495-7452 or


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