Citywalk News for October


These past couple of months, I’ve been sharing with you the four-point approach of the Main Street Program which consists of; Promotion, Organization, Economic Vitality and Design. The Italicized part is cut from the Main Street Website that explains one of those four points. Then I will give you my thoughts on how we can work together to make the points work together to make our community the community we love.

Promotion – projects a positive, unified image to identify downtown as a gathering place. Revitalization programs market the district and the community through a series of targeted activities such as special events and festivals, which highlight the local culture, art, music, dance and traditions that give each community its unique identity.

Revisiting the Downtown Vision that was discussed last month, Ferguson planned to use Main Street’s ‘Four Point Approach’ as the direction to make our downtown an appealing destination. With the help of the business owners and the citizens, the Ferguson City leaders can lead us to make the best use of this approach, which has been described these past few months.

As you know, due to the pandemic, many of the activities that we have been enjoying for many years had to be canceled. With a positive attitude, I believe we will be getting back on track to sponsoring some activities in the near future. The concerts at 501 may return, but not as frequently. StreetFest may be just one evening, Northern Lights may just be the parade. Whatever comes about is only the beginning of the many great things that will be a part of Main Street, our down town.

What can you do to make our downtown like that again!?

For starters, let’s pick up the trash. Did you know that clean streets show that you respect your community? Talk to the business owners and ask what they need help with to get our downtown looking beautiful again, and persuade the City of Ferguson to ask building owners what can be done to help them get their buildings back in order.

Then of course, we can frequent our businesses and tell them that they are a very important part of our community and without them, we would have no community. Encourage the business owners to get involved with their Main Street by setting the example, be a part of the Main Street program yourself.

By supporting the local businesses, you are supporting your city. Any tax money being brought into our coffers only goes to help the city support our community. Even though we share the taxes collected with other communities around St. Louis County, if we support our own, we will have fewer empty buildings, businesses will see your support, which allows them to grow, which means more employees, which goes hand-in-hand with less unemployment, which means a positive local economy, which means more money to hire bigger and better entertainment.

See how it works? Ferguson is going to be a great place to be during the ‘Rolling Twenties’ of the 21st Century. Check it out; Ferguson MainStreet is looking for volunteers to help make our Down-Town a downtown of which we are proud. This is a fairly new organization that has been trying to gain some momentum to encourage the businesses owners, residents of the city and the City of Ferguson, what a showcase our DownTown can be. Why not get involved and join us, so that we, together can make our downtown, our Main Street.

Check out the website listed below and contact us when you are ready to make a commitment to Main Street, your DownTown. With the help from the Missouri Main Street Connection, (MMSC), we will use their ‘Formula for Success’ to create a positive structure that will enable a group of people to work together to bring our downtown, our Main Street, the success it needs to move our community forward. Let’s get some traction behind our ‘Main Street’ Get involved. Stay involved. Make Ferguson a community you want to call home.


110 Church Street
Ferguson, MO 63135
(314) 524-5197



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