Citywalk News for July 2021

4th of July. America’s Birthday. Our Independence Day.

I don’t know about you, but to me the 4th has always been the culmination of celebrations. Personally, I love the fireworks. I just don’t enjoy them every night, all night.

So where are the best firework displays? Growing up in this area, I will say that January-Wabash was always awesome. Florissant also puts on a great display. When we were younger we would drive over to the Rock Road and watch the fireworks at Ritenour High School.

The 4th always invokes images of parades, swimming pools, bar-b-ques, pitching horse shoes, chasing fireflies, water balloon fights, running through sprinklers, smelling those bar-b-ques, making necklaces out of clover, brewing sun tea, getting sun-burned, over eating, and watching fireworks.

I was fortunate that my father had his office at the Mansion House Center. That was when the arch was being built. During that time St. Louis held the VP parade and fair with fireworks down on the riverfront. We could watch the fireworks from the top of the Mansion House. (Did I mention there was a swimming pool on the roof?) Leap forward 50 plus years: the veiled prophet parade and fair transitioned into fair St. Louis, the archgrounds have changed, but the fireworks are still absolutely the best in the nation.

I pray that everyone stays safe this year. Please, do not shoot off guns. Those bullets go up and they have to come down somewhere. Think!


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