Citywalk News for January

It’s January. That month when we want to make our own lives better. Eat healthy, lose weight, get in shape, stop smoking, start saving for retirement, you know, all that stuff you always think about.

Here’s a good one. Help your community be the place you’ve always dreamed it would be. And starting a business is an awesome way to help your community.

Starting a business is a scary thought though. Do I have the wherewithal, (my favorite word which means; resources; means, according to the dictionary), to run my own business? Do I want to take the risk? Will my product be needed? Do I want to do everything myself or should I employ help? What kind of business would I start that could help my community? There’s a million questions that come to mind. All it takes is to make an internet search and you can find all kinds of ideas on different types of businesses you can start.

Last month, we thought of what kind of downtown businesses we would like to see on our Main Street and one area I mentioned was small manufacturing on Airport Road. Some types that would help fill the void here in Ferguson, that were mentioned last month, such as; bistros and bakeries, but let’s look at a couple of businesses that we don’t already enjoy.

Pet Store offering pet food, toys, and supplies to all of you pet lovers. You could even offer home-made pet snacks.

Sewing and Quilting Shop offering sewing machine rental (in-store and out) specialty fabrics and threads, swatches for the quilter. You could offer classes, events, and a place for clubs to meet.

Pillow and Rug Manufacturer. Check out in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. They use remnants and other discarded pieces to make pillows, rugs, cubes, and Pilate balls. These are very interesting and different. I have talked with the owner and he told me that they used to supply pillows to a large department store and couldn’t keep up with the demand, so he had to scale back, and he does have an awesome product.

Niche Snack Foods. Do you make a snack to take to different events such as a Super Bowl Party and everyone can’t stop eating your goodie? Maybe you can expand that into a small manufacturing business and have your product packaged and sold in grocery stores.

Bread Maker. Everyone loves good artisan bread but instead of only offering retail, you could venture into supplying local restaurants and grocers.

Specialty Soaps. Do you make your own soap? Why not share what you do with the community, but on a larger scale?

Meal Kits Sales and Delivery. Not everyone has time and/or the ability to come home after a long day and make a nutritious meal for the family. You could prep and supply a ready to eat meal delivered in time for dinner.

If you have the ability and know how, a Paper, Bag, and Box Maker. You could make stationary, envelopes and journals for folks that don’t count on their computer for such items, or you could make and supply printed bags for the different businesses and with the help from the Sewing Shop, reusable bags. With an operation like this, you could even supply different size boxes for moving, shipping, and storage.

Or, if you happen to own a large, empty building, you could split it into sections and offer a Retail Incubator. Make multiple, small store fronts and offer start-up businesses a spot where they could test their product and business model on a small scale before they would want to jump into a business full-fledged.

Have any of those creative juices begun to flow yet? Is this the year that you’ll jump in and start your own business? Of course, you don’t want to just jump in and get started, there’s a lot of homework to be done, rules to discover, and questions to be answered. Do your homework and ask questions.

Just think, your daily commute would be short.


110 Church Street
Ferguson, MO 63135
(314) 524-5197



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