Citywalk News for February 2015

index~~element65New to our business community is Angie Carron, who owns Om Turtle Yoga which is located at 415 South Florissant Rd., Suite B. (At the back of the Lofts next to the Cork.) I asked the question that was on everyone’s minds! “What is an OM Turtle?” In my thinking, a turtle is slow and deliberate, but I learned that that is far from the truth in regards to Yoga. “There are many styles of Yoga” states Carron. “Of course there is the slow and deliberate style in Hatha Yoga but you will also find many very active yoga styles such as Power Yoga.” The real reason behind the name is that Carron has a statue of a turtle at home and her son would always call it the ‘Om Turtle’. Upon deciding to open her own yoga studio, while contemplating a name, it occurred to her that the name of her new studio was right in front of her the entire time, ‘Om Turtle Yoga.’

Carron had previously worked at ‘Express Scripts,’ right down the street from CityWalk. “Working in corporate America can be very stressful’, says Carron, “it was getting to the point that I was having anxiety problems because of my job and I combated the stress of work with meditation and yoga. I so enjoyed the feelings I was left with upon each session that I pursued a certificate in yoga instruction. I was leading classes at Sioux Passage Park and upon completion of those classes; everyone wanted to know where they would be able to continue their practices.”

While still working full time at Express Scripts, Carron opened up the Florissant location in October, 2013. Driving through Ferguson, to and from work every day, stopping, and talking to business owners on ‘The Walk,’ it didn’t take long for Carron to realize what Ferguson was all about. “Everyone I talked to have been so warm and inviting. Just spending time at the local restaurants and talking to the local patrons made me realize that this is an area that I would want to grow my business”. And as of December 20th, the second location of ‘Om Turtle Yoga’ came to be.

If yoga has been something that you have thought of giving a try, if you’re stressing over your job or life, and you’re looking to relieve yourself of those stresses, check out ‘Om Turtle Yoga’ at and sign up for one of their yoga or fitness classes. Did I not mention Fitness Classes? Also offered at ‘Om Turtle Yoga’ are classes from total body toning to belly dancing. I cannot think of any better way to de-stress than a good ol’ Belly Dancing class! Just remember one thing, “Super Bendy Bodies Not Required!”


110 Church Street
Ferguson, MO 63135
(314) 524-5197



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