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Citywalk News for September 2015

At the last quarterly membership meeting, FSBD (Citywalk) decided that our Fourth of July parade float should honor our own Hometown Heroes – the police, firefighters, and EMTs that are headquartered right here in the heart of Citywalk.

Linda Hensiek of Benton’s for Hair and Robin Shively of Corners Frameshop & Gallery came up with the design featuring a police car, firetruck & ambulance. There were also puppets representing a police officer, a fireman, & an EMT. Mike Palmer of Monterey’s Cigar Lounge provided the trailer, while Bob McCarty of Painted Effects, Rob Chabot of Mobile Eyecare Solutions and Toni Roper from the City of Ferguson helped Linda & Robin decorate the float. On the 4th, Tom Hensiek drove while Robin, Linda and Toni were joined by Chris & Maureen Zeugin of Edward Jones. They all had a fun time handing out candy & using the puppets to give “high-fives” to the children along the parade route. The float won Second Place for Best Theme! If you missed the parade, the vehicles & puppets from our float (and our trophy!) are currently on display in the windows at Corners.

The Ferguson CityWalk Concert Series is nearing the end of another successful season. Smooth jazz, R&B, blues, Latin, Motown, Pop, Disco, & Rock have all played underneath the stars at Plaza at 501. There are two more shows left. Things will be jazzy on September 11, 2015, with the Dave Black Group. Then enjoy StreetFest later in the month. The concert series will resume for the final show on October 9, 2015. This will be something new; Blend, an a cappella quartet will bring fun loving music of the 50s & 60s. Pack a lawn chair in your car and make plans to join us. Or come early and grab a picnic table. Two concession stands are available on site.

We have two months remaining in our Monday food truck series. The next Food Truck Monday will be September 20, 2015. With one month remaining, September is the perfect time to make another visit. Stop by with friends for lunch. Meals can be picked up to go, or enjoy lunch on the plaza.

The Farmer’s Market is open each Saturday morning; we’d love to see you there. The Farmer’s Market is committed to working with local vendors to bring you fresh home grown foods. Stop by and check out new vendors and the selections of fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables.

The Streetfest planning committee is currently meeting and we are still seeking volunteers. Whether it’s making phone calls, running errands, or setting up equipment, your help is much needed and appreciated. If you are eager to be a part of the Streetfest team, please send an email with to

Citywalk News for August 2015

During these dog days of summer, many of us have enjoyed the concert series, food truck lunches, and special festivals. We are fast approaching end of the summer months and are now looking forward to the fall.

The Ferguson Special Business District would like to recognize and reflect upon the anniversary of the death of Michael Brown and the events that proceed. As a part of the Ferguson community, the FSBD is committed to progress. We share in the one year reflection of our City’s growth.

We’re coming back! You may have noticed the renovations that are taking place at the Ferguson Brewing Company. We are hard at work to reopen to the public. Look forward to some improvements, but rest assured that great food and outstanding customer service is still there. Be on the lookout for our relaunch. We hope to see you there.

We have three months remaining in our Monday food truck series. The next food truck Monday will be August, 17, 2015. With just a few months remaining, August is the perfect time to make another visit. Visitors are pleased with the selection and options that are available for lunch. Stop by with friends for lunch. Meals can be picked up to go, or enjoy lunch on the plaza.

The Farmer’s Market is open each Saturday morning, we’d love to see you there. The Farmer’s Market is committed to working with local vendors to bring you fresh home grown foods. Stop by and check out new vendors and the selections of fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables.

We hope that you have been enjoying the concert series thus far. Judging from the turnout at each concert, we are most certain that many residents and visitors to our City have chosen to make our summer concert series a fun-filled family event. On behalf of the FSBD, we would like to thank you for your continued support and we look forward to your comments and suggestions about the incredible performances.

Ferguson SpringFest was a great success!

Ferguson SpringFest was a great success!

The SpringFest appreciation dinner was held at Vincenzo’s on Tuesday, July 21 at 6:00 p.m. A special thanks went out to all the volunteers who assisted. We are now in the planning stages of our annual Streetfest. The planning committee is currently meeting and we are still seeking volunteers. Whether it’s making phone calls, running errands, or setting up equipment, your help is much needed and appreciated. If you are eager to be a part of the Streetfest team, please send an email to

Citywalk News for July 2015

The summer months are now in full gear. Many of us have taken the time to enjoy the festivities including Food Truck Monday, the Famer’s Market, and the summer concert series.

Have you had a chance to stop by the Plaza on the third Monday yet for lunch? The next food truck Monday will be July, 20 2015. With plenty of trucks to choose from and ample seating for lunch, the third Monday from April to October is the way to go.

The Farmer’s Market is in full swing. A special thanks to all those who continue to support the market week after week, and year after year. If you haven’t had the chance to stop by on Saturday morning, we’d love to see you there. The Farmer’s Market is committed to working with local vendors to bring you fresh home grown foods.

We hope that you have been enjoying the concert series thus far. Judging from the turnout at each concert, we are most certain that many residents and visitors to our City have chosen to make our summer concert series a fun-filled family event. On behalf of the FSBD, we would like to thank you for your continued support and we look forward to your comments and suggestions about the incredible performances.

We are now in the planning stages of our annual Streetfest. If you are interested in volunteering we would love to have you. We all know the rewards that come from the satisfaction of volunteering. Whether it’s making phone calls, running errands, or setting up equipment, your help is much needed and appreciated. If you are eager to be a part of the Streetfest team, please send an email with to

The FSBD would like to thank the Ferguson businesses who attended our quarterly meeting on June 16, 2015. We were very pleased with the many new faces in attendance, and of course, our constant staple of individuals who attend each breakfast. It is our goal to continue to provide you with information and communication essential and vital to your businesses. Be on the lookout for upcoming information on our next quarterly breakfast scheduled for the fall of 2015.

Citywalk News for June 2015

Ferguson Special Business District (FSBD) would like to give a special thanks to all those who participated in SpringFest on May 9, 2015. We are pleased with the awesome turnout of residents, members of the community, businesses, volunteers, and elected officials. Whether you celebrated SpringFest with family or with friends, there was plenty of entertainment for everyone. The special performances of the event were highlighted on a concert stage with audience participation every step of the way.

If Springfest was exciting, wait until September 2015, when we return to StreetFest. If you are interested in participating in StreetFest this fall, we are eager to have you. Be on the lookout soon for upcoming sponsorship and volunteer opportunities.

Once again, a special thanks and recognition goes out to participants of the Twilight Run held on May 16, 2015. Through the support of our sponsors, volunteers, and our Ferguson community, the Twilight Run has proven to be a success with participation growing beyond expectations each year. We are proud of the new and now established traditions taking place to let people know just what Ferguson is all about. Whether you were a runner, walker, or just came out to offer your support, the Twilight Run is an experience that we look forward to each year.

Have you had a chance to stop by the Plaza for lunch on the third Monday of the month yet? The next food truck Monday will be June 15, 2015. With plenty of trucks to choose from and ample seating for lunch, the third Monday from April to October is the way to enjoy a delicious lunch in the beautiful outdoors.

Check out the concert series hosted on the 2nd and 4th Friday of the month. The popularity of the CityWalk Concert Series is growing and we want you to be a part of it. With a line-up of great performers, we want to make sure that you are there. Pack the coolers and bring the lawn chairs and blankets and enjoy the performance. Remember safety comes first so let’s leave the glass bottles at home.

The FSBD would like to invite Ferguson businesses to our quarterly meeting. We look forward to new faces, new ideas, and new colleagues. Our quarterly meetings afford businesses the opportunity to stay informed and involved in events pertinent to the economic growth and development of our City. We hope to see you from 7:30am-9:00am on June 16, 2015. Please visit us at, for our June location and additional information. Breakfast will be provided courtesy of the FSBD.

Citywalk News for May 2015

We are eager and excited to welcome the sunshine and flowers of spring. Along with sunshine and flowers, the spring also has some exciting events in store for CityWalk. New businesses are opening and existing businesses are sprucing up for the months ahead. Be prepared to see a livelier CityWalk.

The months of planning and anticipation of Springfest is nearly here. Many of us were looking forward to our annual Streetfest in the fall. Well, it was decided that Streetfest 2014, will take place on May 9, 2015. Springfest goers will have the opportunity to enjoy great food by local vendors and the sounds of terrific music performed throughout the afternoon and into the evening. There will also be artisans and crafters for those shoppers who want to splurge a bit. Of course, we couldn’t forget the kids! There will be many booths and activities for kids of all ages. Just like Streetfest in the fall, Springfest will have a variety of food, music, artisans, and activities. Come out and celebrate with family, friends, and neighbors. Want to pick up your Springfest t-shirt before the festival? Springfest t-shirts can be purchased at the “I Love Ferguson” store. Stop in and get your shirt.

Have you noticed the new businesses that have opened on CityWalk? CityWalk welcomes Montrey’s Cigar Lounge and J & C BBQ and Blues Restaurant. With the beautiful outdoor weather upon us, Montrey’s Cigar Lounge has a spacious outdoor seating area. Whether you want to relax and unwind at the end of the work day or meet socially with friends, Montrey’s Cigar Lounge is a great place to meet locally. Congratulations goes out to Jerome and Cathy Jenkins. In addition to Cathy’s Kitchen, checkout J & C BBQ and Blues Restaurant. With a unique flare for BBQ as only J & C and do it, patrons are also treated to live entertainment. For a new experience with friends and/or family, stop by either of these new locations on CityWalk.

Spring is the time of year for blooms and blossoms. As the colors change and new life emerges, we see all the wonderful possibilities that spring has in store for us. Many businesses are beginning their spring clean-up from the winter months. Grass trimmings, spring plantings, and other landscaping all contribute to a beautiful CityWalk. Businesses are working diligently to make your experience on CityWalk pleasing and inviting. As you begin to partake in the wonderful outdoor spring weather, we hope that you take time to explore all the businesses and services that are offered on CityWalk.

CityWalk would like to congratulate the newest members of City Council. We look forward to working with the Council on initiatives that help promote CityWalk and support the Ferguson community. CityWalk would like to thank Bob McCarty with Painted Effects for his many years of service as the news contributor of the FSBD. Bob is not leaving us by no means; however, he has decided to work more closely on other projects that impact CityWalk. Once again, thank you for your years of dedication.

Citywalk News for April 2015

It was quite the beautiful evening for the first Friday of March; so we took a walk along ‘The Walk’ and at the corner of Florissant and Church, there was activity galore. We walked into the midst of the “First Friday Gallery Walk”!

The “Gallery Walk” is an event sponsored by Corners Frame Shop and Gallery and Honey and Sweeties, a few doors up on Church Street. You can expect to find friends and neighbors, artists, refreshments and a lot of art at these locations. This month, Corners sponsored Denise Field and Mona Hecht, the duo behind the eclectic creations of Sorelli Amici. They are responsible for the wire sculptures and the artsy embellishments that will inspire your home to say, “Welcome”!

At Honey and Sweeties, besides the awesome repurposed ARTifacts that you can find in their shop every day, they had displayed seed packets that were hand painted by students from Ferguson Middle School. These packets are still on display, as of this writing, and they are really well done. Stop by and check them out when you get a chance.

As we continued on past the old fire house, we noticed lights in the windows around towards the back. Upon further inspection, the ‘Back Bay’ seemed to be swaying with the sounds of Gladys Knight and the Pips. As we entered into the midst of their Open Arts evening, we were greeted with the soulful voice of Olivia Neal, a volunteer with the Ferguson Youth Initiative (FYI), karaoking “Neither One of Us” to a crowd of about 25 Ferguson youth and volunteers. The ‘Back Bay’ is an area where youth can display their special talent, being karaoke, poetry, or hula hooping, as was being demonstrated by Michelle Conway with her light up hula hoop, or just a place to be your own young self.

Downstairs in the ‘Youth Lounge’, Dan the Pancake Man was doing what he does best – making pancakes! But not just any kind of pancakes – his pancakes look just like you, the person standing next to you, or even the person sitting across the room eating his or her own personalized pancake! Dan the Pancake Man does portraits with the batter and griddle that looks just like you! I mean them! Well, you know what I mean! Check out Dan the Pancake Man at Ferguson’s Farmers Market on July 18th.

And if that wasn’t enough, Natalie Fleming and her crew were constructing their very own “Me Boxes”! Decorated on the outside with whatever your creative mind were to conceive by using anything from clippings from magazines, wrapping paper, pencils, pens, even colored markers! Inside is yours and yours only! Treasure maps or even treasures, a diary or just your own personal thoughts, whatever you want to keep inside, it’s up to you and only you, because the “Me Box” is all about you!

Now doesn’t that sound like a fun evening with your friends? If you are a young person looking for new ways to express yourself and to get involved in your community, yes, you are a big part of this community, check out FYI on the internet at or contact them at if you have any questions. Even if you’re just young at heart and would like to help out or show off your special talent, I’m sure you would be welcomed.

FYI, sponsored by the City of Ferguson, is serving the youth of the Ferguson community  by encouraging and engaging them as active members of the community. Dana, Dwayne and Gail are the volunteers that have really stepped up to encourage the youth to take charge by planning their own activities, service projects and mentoring other youth to make Ferguson a youth friendly community.

As we left the ‘Open Arts’ evening with FYI, Carl McCasland wanted to invite all of Ferguson’s youth to be part of this group. “The more the merrier”, spouts Mc-Casland! “If you’re looking for something to do and you want to meet

Citywalk News for March

It seems that business is returning to the downtown district. The boards are beginning to be replaced with glass; the businesses that were forced to close because of damage are reopening and the barricade in front of the police station is gone. The view along ‘The Walk’ seems to be getting back to what we saw before the changes came to our community.

But there is still a long way to go!

Spring is nearly here and with every new spring, new life is inevitable. We all need to work together to bring that new life back to CityWalk. We need to embrace the fact that the ever-increasing business we were enjoying before last summer will return with everyone’s cooperation.

As was noted in previous articles, getting to know your neighbors is a beginning of our rebirth. Working with our neighbors means starting with the small stuff like keeping the trash picked up around your business. This makes a big impression on your future customers who are coming into town to see the destruction – and they see the opposite – a community working together to put back the pieces that were taken from us. Just doing small things will make a big impression.

Get involved with your Business District. We are here to not only promote the district, but to promote your business. It doesn’t take a lot of time or money, but it does take a commitment. Great things can happen when we all work together.

Just in case you are thinking that Ferguson CityWalk has suffered its last hurrah, let me ask you a question:

Have you noticed the progress done at the corner of Randolph and Florissant Road? It is the little blue house that is now the home to Montrey’s Cigar Bar. Opening soon! The plan is to open sometime this month; so take a walk on down and see the progress in our little town.

In case you are wondering about the name, “Montrey’s,” Mike Palmer, the owner and renovator of the Cigar Bar, discovered that the house was originally owned by the Montrey family who owned Montrey’s Tavern, a mainstay in Ferguson many years ago. Montrey’s Tavern is now Marley’s Bar and Grill.

Until next month, Keep walking.

Citywalk News for February 2015

index~~element65New to our business community is Angie Carron, who owns Om Turtle Yoga which is located at 415 South Florissant Rd., Suite B. (At the back of the Lofts next to the Cork.) I asked the question that was on everyone’s minds! “What is an OM Turtle?” In my thinking, a turtle is slow and deliberate, but I learned that that is far from the truth in regards to Yoga. “There are many styles of Yoga” states Carron. “Of course there is the slow and deliberate style in Hatha Yoga but you will also find many very active yoga styles such as Power Yoga.” The real reason behind the name is that Carron has a statue of a turtle at home and her son would always call it the ‘Om Turtle’. Upon deciding to open her own yoga studio, while contemplating a name, it occurred to her that the name of her new studio was right in front of her the entire time, ‘Om Turtle Yoga.’

Carron had previously worked at ‘Express Scripts,’ right down the street from CityWalk. “Working in corporate America can be very stressful’, says Carron, “it was getting to the point that I was having anxiety problems because of my job and I combated the stress of work with meditation and yoga. I so enjoyed the feelings I was left with upon each session that I pursued a certificate in yoga instruction. I was leading classes at Sioux Passage Park and upon completion of those classes; everyone wanted to know where they would be able to continue their practices.”

While still working full time at Express Scripts, Carron opened up the Florissant location in October, 2013. Driving through Ferguson, to and from work every day, stopping, and talking to business owners on ‘The Walk,’ it didn’t take long for Carron to realize what Ferguson was all about. “Everyone I talked to have been so warm and inviting. Just spending time at the local restaurants and talking to the local patrons made me realize that this is an area that I would want to grow my business”. And as of December 20th, the second location of ‘Om Turtle Yoga’ came to be.

If yoga has been something that you have thought of giving a try, if you’re stressing over your job or life, and you’re looking to relieve yourself of those stresses, check out ‘Om Turtle Yoga’ at and sign up for one of their yoga or fitness classes. Did I not mention Fitness Classes? Also offered at ‘Om Turtle Yoga’ are classes from total body toning to belly dancing. I cannot think of any better way to de-stress than a good ol’ Belly Dancing class! Just remember one thing, “Super Bendy Bodies Not Required!”

Citywalk News for January 2015

It’s a New Year, and time to make those New Year’s Resolutions.

Of course, this year our resolutions will look different than the ones we’ve made in the past. With the hubbub everyone experienced this past year, we need to think about rebuilding our community. We, as business owners, cannot wait for the city to put everything back together.

Talk to your business neighbors and find out what they do and how you can help them get more business. This works both ways and with each other’s help, everyone profits, even if the only result is that you get to know your neighbor better. We need to promote each other. Your customers may be able to use another business in town, and that customer tells a friend and they may become a new customer for you. We need to promote the area so that our customers will not be skeptical about coming into Ferguson. This will be a good starting point.

Get involved; work with the other businesses in town. By working with likeminded businesses owners, this will not be a daunting task. It will take some time, but together, we will be able to build our businesses and our community back to its former glory.

On a lighter note; our Northern Lights Festival was a smashing success, even though it was scaled back. The weather was perfect for mid-December and hundreds of Ferguson residents and their children enjoyed the event. There were plenty of crafts for the kids to work on and, as usual, there was lots of food, including free cookies and hot cocoa.

Some of our local children helped our Mayor, James Knowles, and Santa Claus, light the Christmas tree to cheers from the crowd. Chatting with Santa, he told me that he felt that he needed to be in Ferguson this year, even though it was only 10 days before his annual trek. So leaving his head elf to handle all of the last minute preparations in the work shop, Santa was able to help Ferguson spread the joy of the holiday.

(This section reserved for the General Membership Businesses of the FSBD.) Our board meeting is held every third Thursday of the month. We meet at 5:30 pm in the offices of Pearce Neikirk located at 427 S. Florissant Rd. Our next meeting is January 15th and all businesses located in the Downtown District are invited. We hope to see you at our meetings and if there is anything that you would like to share with your fellow district businesses, let us know; we’d be happy to help you get the word out.

Until next month, I would like to wish everyone a Happy and Healthy New Year. Introduce yourself to your neighbor and keep on walking, we’re CityWalk!

Citywalk News for December 2014

I woke up this morning and everything was back to normal. The ‘new normal!’

You’re probably thinking, “Normal, this doesn’t look like normal!” Well this is our new normal and there is no way around it. And this could be good! As you know, there have been a lot of people coming into town wanting change. This has prompted everyone to look at Ferguson and how it needs to proceed. This is our  community and we don’t just want normal, we want progress! We want Ferguson to be the best that it can be! But how do we move forward?

The city government, policing, and courts have their own work to do. But it doesn’t stop there! All of us in the city have a vested interest. We need to keep working to hold onto what we have and continually work to move forward. As I wrote in last month’s article, the Proud Organization cannot get to a certain point and coast from there; they need to continually look at where they are and always work towards the next goal. We must always be working towards the next level and be ready for any surprises that come our way.

Our businesses in the Downtown District need to continue to work together and watch out for everyone’s interest. This has been something that has helped CityWalk to be considered the ‘nice’ part of town. There is nobody saying that the West Florissant businesses cannot be considered the other ‘nice’ side of town. All that needs to be done is that those businesses need to get together and ask that all important question, “How can I help grow this area to improve the flow of business for my fellow business owners?” All it takes is to step up and pick up the ball before it rolls away!

The Ferguson Special Business District (FSBD), a self-taxing organization, was organized in the mid-1980s to work with the city government to promote and beautify the downtown district. At that time, downtown had a lot of empty store fronts with very little business being done. With the hard work of these pioneering business owners, they encouraged many entrepreneurs to invest their own money and time to help the downtown district to grow to what it is today. We have many new businesses moving into this area because what I have heard businesses in other community’s say, “Ferguson is the place to do business because of how the business owners work together.”

Over the past few months, you’ve heard me talk about how everyone needs to get involved. We are all in this together. This is the new normal even though it should be considered normal. It has always been a joint effort. A few cannot do it all. Step up and be part of the solution. When the solution has been reached, we cannot sit back, we need to continue making new goals. This is how we grow.

As a reminder to all of the business owners located in the Business District, keep an eye out for your invitation to our annual Christmas Party. These invitations will be sent out via email and snail mail. If we don’t have your email address, this will be a good time to share it with us. We look forward to meeting you, our fellow business owners. Remember, we are all in this together and a couple of words that describes us all, businesses and residents alike . . . United we stand, divided we fall! Think about it!


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