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Ferguson Needs Volunteers

Here we are, in the process of reopening some of our businesses.

In time, Ferguson will be back to how it was before the pandemic brought our world to a stand-still. Whoa, not so fast there fella! It will be a while before we get back to our pre-Covid-19 ways.

Before the shelter-in place-order went into effect, could you have imagined the joy you felt when parading past someone’s home to celebrate their birthday? How about seeing the B-2 fly over the hospitals in the St. Louis area? These little things are what really makes a difference in our lives now.

Now it’s time to get back out in the world, but not how it was before.

The businesses are in the process of reopening, but not in the capacity of how it was before. Limitation on the number of customers will be part of our new normal. Stores will have less product because they will be making more room for social distancing. Restaurants will have fewer tables in order to safely take care of their customers. As last month’s Financial Focus pointed out, “As part of our economy shrinking, perhaps everyone should expect less – a 20% cut across the board. Rather than raising prices to keep up with what was previously considered a nice profit for a restaurant – serving fewer people and buying less food may reap pretty close to that same net profit. Who knows, it might work?”

I’m not suggesting that I know what it takes to run a restaurant or a retail store and still be rewarded with a profit. I do want to talk about how we can help our community get to a place where we, as citizens, see a profit. Not necessarily a monetary profit, but a profit in how we view and see our community.

I know what you’re thinking . . . get out and patronize our local businesses. Yes, we need to get out and support our businesses in Ferguson. Doing this will help our city revenues start to rebuild the coffers through sales tax. But I want to tell you of another way how we can help our community.

If you have been following us here on Main Street, you would know that these past few months, we have been talking about volunteering and making our city beautiful. Now is the time that each and every one of us need to take ownership of our community and pitch in to help make our Ferguson the place where we want to live.

Get together with some friends and get involved with the Ferguson Volunteer Flower Department and help beautify our downtown. You can contact them at If that doesn’t work for you, you could organize a group of friends and head out on West Florissant Road by the Urban League and help them clean up an area and get some nice gardens growing. You could find an empty lot, clean it up and plant some flowers. It’s up to you, get out there and make a difference.

You can also volunteer to help at the Farmers Market. They can be contacted at They are always looking for folks that can help with set-up and breakdown of the market on Saturday mornings. Who knows, you may even meet some new friends there. With last month’s article, I’ve noticed a lot less litter. Or have more of you been out there picking it up? Remember, don’t forget to carry your LDI with you when you go out on your walks. With the nice weather quickly ascending upon us, Operation Clean Ferg-Nation is in full swing. We’re all counting on all of us to keep this going.

I’m sure you have been hearing how these shelter-in-place restrictions and the actual coronavirus pandemic has affected our mental health. If you have been experiencing any negative effects of what we have all been experiencing, you’re in luck. It has been noted that if you get out and get involved in your community, professionals have seen a 62.8% reduction in poor mental health. This fact (if you choose to believe it), was a few years back when another community lived through a local catastrophe. Remember how we felt when we had our tornado in 2011? I don’t know about you but I felt pretty good while pitching in and helping with getting everything back in order.

In closing, I want to share a quote from the Executive Director of The Missouri Main Street Connection: “If we lose our downtown, we lose our community. If we lose our community, we lose our identity.” –Gayla Roten

Get involved. Stay involved. Make Ferguson a community you want to call home.


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