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Why volunteer?

It doesn’t take a lot when you really look at it.

All we need to do is set aside our differences and recognize that we need to live a life bigger than ourselves. We need to show up for our families and the friends in our lives, the people in our community. We need to stand and make a difference. We need to understand that it’s on each and every one of us to bring about changes we seek for our community.

Last month, I promised that I would give you a few ideas of volunteer activities that are available to you in your community, but I received a well written letter from a member of our community that I would like to share with you.

The many community organizations in Ferguson have been a significant factor in contributing to a quality of life not found in most surrounding municipalities. Sadly, several, such as the 4th of July Committee, Ferguson Parkways and the Ferguson Caring League have already died. Others, like the committees for Streetfest and Northern Lights, are on life support. The overworked volunteer base of most others sorely needs to be re-invigorated with fresh blood. The community atmosphere in Ferguson continues to attract new families and those residents, as well as established ones, are truly needed to join the effort to maintain what attracted them here in the first place.

Volunteers plan family-oriented activities like Streetfest, 4th of July, Twilight Run and Northern Lights. There are volunteer needs at outdoor activities like the Farmers Market, Earth Dance, the Volunteer Flower Department, the Summer Concert series and youth athletics. There are more adult-oriented groups like the library’s Fliers, the Lions, the Rotary Club and the Ferguson Historical Society. Service groups like the 3 weekly food pantries, FYI sponsors or the municipal government boards urgently need volunteers. So much of Ferguson’s vibrancy, which is now endangered, comes from the community working together on activities like these. Ferguson’s future depends on connecting people with fresh energy and ideas to our local organizations.

Making this connection will take all of us, though.

ORGANIZATIONS- please email with your name, a few words about your purpose and contact information.

RESIDENTS- look through the list in upcoming Ferguson Times of organizations which need your help and make a commitment. Ferguson’s people make this small town a big deal!

–John McDonald

What do you think? This letter pretty much lays out the needs of our community. Watch this area in the future for lists of organizations that need your input. In the meantime, if any of these opportunities are of any interest to you, you could contact City Hall and get any contact information of how you can become part of these groups.

If you are looking to teach your children how to be good neighbors and citizens, take a little time to connect with your neighbors. Did you know that just having a casual conversation keeps us better connected. Maybe doing a little something like bringing your neighbors trash cans in on a rainy day; there’s no end to how you can brighten someone’s day.

Maybe, on a Saturday morning, and pick up some trash in your neighborhood or get a group and get out in the more public areas for a clean-up. We don’t need to wait for an organized clean-up to get out there and make our community beautiful.

Don’t forget to get your children involved in these types of activities getting them started in a lifetime of caring and giving. Are you attending your Neighborhood Group meetings? These meetings are listed in this fine ‘good news’ generating monthly newspaper. Get involved.

Donate food to the food banks. I’m sure they would also accept dish soap and paper products to help the needy as well as personal products.

Shop local. Keep your support in your community when you can. If we support the businesses we still have, others will see that they would be supported if they were to bring something that would be appreciated. Just give them a chance.

When I was involved with the Boy Scouts, we would work to instill in the guys the slogan, “Cheerful Service for Others”. Remember, it doesn’t take much to make our community the community where you would want to live. Sometimes, all you need to do is to show up.




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