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Citywalk News for January

In October, the FSBD coordinator attended a three-day workshop in Chattanooga on community transformation. In November, the FSBD treasurer and the Ferguson Economic Development Director attended a workshop in Cape Girardeau on vacant buildings and what can be done to address them. The workshops were hosted by the National Main Street Association and the Missouri Main Street Connection. As a Missouri Main Street Affiliate Member, FSBD/Ferguson Main Street members are required to attend a variety of meetings each year over the two-year period. Over the next several articles we are going to talk about what Main Street is, what we have learned at the conferences and how you can get involved (and why you should).

“The Main Street approach to revitalization is based on its comprehensive nature. By carefully integrating four points into a practical downtown management strategy, the local Main Street program will produce fundamental changes in a community’s economic base, while preserving its historic commercial buildings and the community’s unique heritage. The goal is to create a sustainable organization that functions as the revitalization leader in the community.” FSBD applied and won a two-year grant to become a Missouri Main Street Affiliate Member. A resolution was passed by Ferguson City Council and a letter of support was submitted by the City of Ferguson in support of this endeavor. We see much value in being a part of this group and we hope to continue our partnership for many years as we continue the next chapter of the downtown business district.

The four-point approach includes, Organization: building a framework for a long-term effort to renew downtown and maintaining its stability into the future. The organization committee also trains and develops leaders for the community’s revitalization effort. Design: enhancing the visual attractiveness of the downtown. Design includes technical assistance and encouragement to building owners toward the restoration and rehabilitation of historic structures, street and alley cleanup, colorful banners and landscaping. Design also includes safe and efficient infrastructure, including streets, sidewalks, curbs and gutters, and the appearance of storefronts, signs, street lights, window displays and graphic materials. Promotion: the positive image of the downtown as a gathering place. Special events and festivals that give each community its unique identity. Economic Vitality:  analyzing current market forces to develop long-term solutions; recruiting new businesses and strengthening existing businesses, while diversifying the economic base, creatively converting unused spaces for new uses and finding solutions for historic commercial buildings.

As a new member of the Missouri Main Street there are certain activities we must begin immediately: Creating a non-profit organization, which we have named Ferguson Main Street; Establishing priorities though comprehensive work plans, we have hosted two so far, the next will be in January; and Provide sustainable sources of revenue and volunteer development. As we continue in our Main Street development, you will see new activities, the Christmas Caroling Pub Crawl, for example, and new calls for action.

Does this sound like something you might enjoy? The Organization Committee is looking for merchants and property owners, residents, media, civic groups, accountants and legal professionals. The Design Committee is a great fit for architects, real estate professionals, planners, designers, history buffs, and artists. The Promotion Committee is a great fit for marketing and tourism pros, downtown merchants and students; the Economic Vitality Committee is great for merchants, development pros, consumers, business students. For more information on Ferguson Main Street, contact

CityWalk business owners have a standing invitation to attend meetings of the Ferguson Special Business District Advisory Board, which meets the 2rd Thursday of the month from 5:30-7:30 p.m. FSBD meets at Bakes Wood-Fire Pizza, 235 S. Florissant Rd.

For more information, please contact Robin Shively at 314-495-7452 or


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