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Citywalk News for December

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year!”

It’s December and that means the colder weather, holiday parties, family gatherings and, love or hate it, shopping. This year the business district hosted its very own Shop Small Saturday event featuring breakfast snacks, giveaways, festive music and drawings. We continued the day by decorating for a bigger and brighter Northern Lights Festival. This month we talk about the importance of shopping locally and the impact of local business to our city.

American Express is a big supporter of shop small and every year they provide free giveaways, marketing and information on how to make your own Shop Small Saturday Event and ideas on promoting sales. According to the American Express website: “Shopping at home stimulates the local economy. When you shop at home you are creating jobs, funding more city services through sales tax, investing in neighborhood improvements and promoting community development. Shopping locally provides for more choices and better customer service. Local businesses provide products and services from local craftsmen and artisans that you won’t find outside your community. Most local businesses are quick to respond to you, stocking products to meet your need, and are more than happy to carry and order special items you want. Local merchants will just be more accommodating. When shopping at home you are often greeted by the owner, your neighbor or your friend who show their gratitude by providing you personal customer service every time; meaningful customer service with a personal touch because it matters to them that you are satisfied and will come back. They survive by their reputation, which means you get a high standard of service.

Local business and their employees invest back into the community. They give back to the community by volunteering their time at non-profit events, coaching sports teams, etc. They are the sponsors of many community events and projects. This directly benefits you, your friends, your family and your neighbors. In many ways, the dollars you spend locally are returned to you.” For every $100 you spend at locally owned businesses, $68 will stay in the community. That money helps pave roads or fix up parks or many hundreds of other things that your city does. What happens when you spend that same $100 at a national chain? Only $43 stays in the community. Finally, local business makes our community unique. You wouldn’t want your house to look like everyone else’s, why have our community look that way?

There are many ways you can help your local small business. You can share their social media posts, recommend them to your friends, mention them in your blog, sign up for their newsletter and always review them. Book your holiday party there. Buy your friends and family gifts and gift cards from your favorite places. It might become their favorite place! The downtown business district has everything you need and more businesses arriving soon.

Upcoming Event: Christmas Caroling Pub Crawl; Dec. 8th, from 6:00 till 9:00 p.m., with a number of downtown businesses participating.

All CityWalk business owners are invited and encouraged to attend meetings of the Ferguson Special Business District Advisory Board, which meets the 2rd Thursday of the month from 5:30-7:30 p.m. F.S.B.D. meets at Baked Wood-Fire Pizza, 235 S. Florissant Rd. For more information, please contact Robin Shively at 314-495-7452 or

Citywalk News for November

The purpose of the Ferguson Special Business District Advisory Board is “to be an efficient organization for guiding the collective enhancement and business climates within the Downtown Special Business District”.

As the board focuses on new business development and current business retention, we asked ourselves, what could Ferguson do to facilitate easier navigation of the process and procedure for developers and prospective new business owners? We have explored this challenge through participation in the National Main Street Convention last spring and hosting several meetings here in Ferguson with the Missouri Main Street Convention. We have also researched what has been successful in other business districts by reading articles and studies, meeting with Cape Girardeau city leaders and taking part in conference calls with other downtown directors. We learned that cities that make economic development a priority seem to have something in common. They either have a designated staff person who works one-on-one with a developer to guide a project through completion, or have several staff members assigned to this task, each of whom are designated to assist in specific areas. The main goal is that when a developer or prospective business owner calls or visits city hall, they have a knowledgeable, passionate ally to guide them through the process of getting their business open or project completed. Business owners that have had a positive experience and feel welcomed into the community are more likely to be good advocates. The best advertising a city can do to attract new businesses is for its current business owners to tell others, “open here”.

Over the last few years many news outlets have asked what makes the Ferguson downtown business district special. Our answer is always the same; invested business owners, hard-working volunteers and private development. We believe that encouraging private local investment in development is crucial to Ferguson’s survival. We also believe that through partnership and cooperation between the city and the downtown business district, we can market the city as business friendly in an effort to take Ferguson to the next level. Researching development and retention programs to benefit potential developers and new business owners, soliciting businesses to locate here within a business-friendly atmosphere and continuous open communication with those property owners is a must. Other avenues to economic vitality of the downtown business district we seek may include; working with realtors to help bring quality tenants and businesses to downtown, and nurturing relationships with UMSL and some of the larger corporations in our area to explore possible opportunities.

We have some fun and exciting events planned in Citywalk for this Holiday Season!

Shop Small Saturday, November 24th. Kickoff will be 9:30am @ Plaza 501, with lists of participating businesses & special offers, refreshments, drawings and more! We’re going to have a fun Shop Small event in Ferguson Citywalk this year! Several shops, boutiques, restaurants, salons and other small businesses in the district are participating. For late starts after 10:30am or in the case of inclement weather, kickoff will be moved to Corners Frameshop & Gallery at 425 S. Florissant Rd.

Ferguson Northern Lights, Nov. 25th @ Plaza 501, 5-9pm. This is going to be an expanded Holiday event this year, with all activities at Plaza 501! There will be gift vendors from 5-9; parade beginning at 5, with tree lighting immediately following at Plaza 501; and carriage rides from 6-9.

Christmas Caroling Pub Crawl, Dec. 8th, 6-9pm, tickets available online at

CityWalk business owners are welcome and encouraged to attend meetings of the Ferguson Special Business District Advisory Board, which meets the 2rd Thursday of the month from 5:30-7:30 p.m. at Baked Wood-Fire Pizza, 235 S. Florissant Rd. For more information, please contact Robin Shively at 314-495-7452 or


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