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Citywalk News for April 2015

It was quite the beautiful evening for the first Friday of March; so we took a walk along ‘The Walk’ and at the corner of Florissant and Church, there was activity galore. We walked into the midst of the “First Friday Gallery Walk”!

The “Gallery Walk” is an event sponsored by Corners Frame Shop and Gallery and Honey and Sweeties, a few doors up on Church Street. You can expect to find friends and neighbors, artists, refreshments and a lot of art at these locations. This month, Corners sponsored Denise Field and Mona Hecht, the duo behind the eclectic creations of Sorelli Amici. They are responsible for the wire sculptures and the artsy embellishments that will inspire your home to say, “Welcome”!

At Honey and Sweeties, besides the awesome repurposed ARTifacts that you can find in their shop every day, they had displayed seed packets that were hand painted by students from Ferguson Middle School. These packets are still on display, as of this writing, and they are really well done. Stop by and check them out when you get a chance.

As we continued on past the old fire house, we noticed lights in the windows around towards the back. Upon further inspection, the ‘Back Bay’ seemed to be swaying with the sounds of Gladys Knight and the Pips. As we entered into the midst of their Open Arts evening, we were greeted with the soulful voice of Olivia Neal, a volunteer with the Ferguson Youth Initiative (FYI), karaoking “Neither One of Us” to a crowd of about 25 Ferguson youth and volunteers. The ‘Back Bay’ is an area where youth can display their special talent, being karaoke, poetry, or hula hooping, as was being demonstrated by Michelle Conway with her light up hula hoop, or just a place to be your own young self.

Downstairs in the ‘Youth Lounge’, Dan the Pancake Man was doing what he does best – making pancakes! But not just any kind of pancakes – his pancakes look just like you, the person standing next to you, or even the person sitting across the room eating his or her own personalized pancake! Dan the Pancake Man does portraits with the batter and griddle that looks just like you! I mean them! Well, you know what I mean! Check out Dan the Pancake Man at Ferguson’s Farmers Market on July 18th.

And if that wasn’t enough, Natalie Fleming and her crew were constructing their very own “Me Boxes”! Decorated on the outside with whatever your creative mind were to conceive by using anything from clippings from magazines, wrapping paper, pencils, pens, even colored markers! Inside is yours and yours only! Treasure maps or even treasures, a diary or just your own personal thoughts, whatever you want to keep inside, it’s up to you and only you, because the “Me Box” is all about you!

Now doesn’t that sound like a fun evening with your friends? If you are a young person looking for new ways to express yourself and to get involved in your community, yes, you are a big part of this community, check out FYI on the internet at or contact them at if you have any questions. Even if you’re just young at heart and would like to help out or show off your special talent, I’m sure you would be welcomed.

FYI, sponsored by the City of Ferguson, is serving the youth of the Ferguson community  by encouraging and engaging them as active members of the community. Dana, Dwayne and Gail are the volunteers that have really stepped up to encourage the youth to take charge by planning their own activities, service projects and mentoring other youth to make Ferguson a youth friendly community.

As we left the ‘Open Arts’ evening with FYI, Carl McCasland wanted to invite all of Ferguson’s youth to be part of this group. “The more the merrier”, spouts Mc-Casland! “If you’re looking for something to do and you want to meet

Citywalk News for March

It seems that business is returning to the downtown district. The boards are beginning to be replaced with glass; the businesses that were forced to close because of damage are reopening and the barricade in front of the police station is gone. The view along ‘The Walk’ seems to be getting back to what we saw before the changes came to our community.

But there is still a long way to go!

Spring is nearly here and with every new spring, new life is inevitable. We all need to work together to bring that new life back to CityWalk. We need to embrace the fact that the ever-increasing business we were enjoying before last summer will return with everyone’s cooperation.

As was noted in previous articles, getting to know your neighbors is a beginning of our rebirth. Working with our neighbors means starting with the small stuff like keeping the trash picked up around your business. This makes a big impression on your future customers who are coming into town to see the destruction – and they see the opposite – a community working together to put back the pieces that were taken from us. Just doing small things will make a big impression.

Get involved with your Business District. We are here to not only promote the district, but to promote your business. It doesn’t take a lot of time or money, but it does take a commitment. Great things can happen when we all work together.

Just in case you are thinking that Ferguson CityWalk has suffered its last hurrah, let me ask you a question:

Have you noticed the progress done at the corner of Randolph and Florissant Road? It is the little blue house that is now the home to Montrey’s Cigar Bar. Opening soon! The plan is to open sometime this month; so take a walk on down and see the progress in our little town.

In case you are wondering about the name, “Montrey’s,” Mike Palmer, the owner and renovator of the Cigar Bar, discovered that the house was originally owned by the Montrey family who owned Montrey’s Tavern, a mainstay in Ferguson many years ago. Montrey’s Tavern is now Marley’s Bar and Grill.

Until next month, Keep walking.


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