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I woke up this morning and everything was back to normal. The ‘new normal!’

You’re probably thinking, “Normal, this doesn’t look like normal!” Well this is our new normal and there is no way around it. And this could be good! As you know, there have been a lot of people coming into town wanting change. This has prompted everyone to look at Ferguson and how it needs to proceed. This is our  community and we don’t just want normal, we want progress! We want Ferguson to be the best that it can be! But how do we move forward?

The city government, policing, and courts have their own work to do. But it doesn’t stop there! All of us in the city have a vested interest. We need to keep working to hold onto what we have and continually work to move forward. As I wrote in last month’s article, the Proud Organization cannot get to a certain point and coast from there; they need to continually look at where they are and always work towards the next goal. We must always be working towards the next level and be ready for any surprises that come our way.

Our businesses in the Downtown District need to continue to work together and watch out for everyone’s interest. This has been something that has helped CityWalk to be considered the ‘nice’ part of town. There is nobody saying that the West Florissant businesses cannot be considered the other ‘nice’ side of town. All that needs to be done is that those businesses need to get together and ask that all important question, “How can I help grow this area to improve the flow of business for my fellow business owners?” All it takes is to step up and pick up the ball before it rolls away!

The Ferguson Special Business District (FSBD), a self-taxing organization, was organized in the mid-1980s to work with the city government to promote and beautify the downtown district. At that time, downtown had a lot of empty store fronts with very little business being done. With the hard work of these pioneering business owners, they encouraged many entrepreneurs to invest their own money and time to help the downtown district to grow to what it is today. We have many new businesses moving into this area because what I have heard businesses in other community’s say, “Ferguson is the place to do business because of how the business owners work together.”

Over the past few months, you’ve heard me talk about how everyone needs to get involved. We are all in this together. This is the new normal even though it should be considered normal. It has always been a joint effort. A few cannot do it all. Step up and be part of the solution. When the solution has been reached, we cannot sit back, we need to continue making new goals. This is how we grow.

As a reminder to all of the business owners located in the Business District, keep an eye out for your invitation to our annual Christmas Party. These invitations will be sent out via email and snail mail. If we don’t have your email address, this will be a good time to share it with us. We look forward to meeting you, our fellow business owners. Remember, we are all in this together and a couple of words that describes us all, businesses and residents alike . . . United we stand, divided we fall! Think about it!


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